Aconite (Wolfsbane)
Sudden onset of sore throat after exposure to cold or cold dry winds.  High fever, flushed face with restlessness or anxiety. Pharynx and tonsils bright red (without pus) burning and  mildly swollen.  Painful swallowing but intensely thirsty for cold drinks.

Apis mellifica (Honey Bee)
Redness and swelling of mucous membranes.  Dirty grey covering of throat with or without ulcers on tonsils.  Swelling of uvula. Stinging or stitching pains. Worse: warmth and warm drinks. Better: cold applications/cold drinks.

Belladonna (Deadly Nightshade)
No 1 remedy for sore throats with sudden onset. Bright red, inflamed angry looking throat. Swollen glands. Dry burning heat, flushed face with fever. Burning with pain extending to right ear when swallowing.
Neck tender to touch. Worse: swallowing, talking, cold air, touch. Better: sitting up in bed.

Hepar sulph. (Hepar sulphuris calcareum)
Pain spreading to ear when not swallowing. Swollen ulcerated tonsils with offensive breath and much saliva. Splinter like pains or, sore, raw and burning. Worse: cold air and drinks. Better: warmth of bed and wrapping up head and throat.

Lachesis (Bushmaster Surukuku snake)
Sore throat starts on LEFT side.  Dry, intensely swollen with a sensation of a lump in the throat. Throat dusky, purplish and dry with a constant desire to swallow.  Worse: left side, pressure and constriction.  Better: swallowing solid food.

Lycopodium (Club Moss)
Sore throat starts on RIGHT side and extends to the left. Throat membrane is grey/white with ulcers.   Dryness without thirst.  Burning sore , rawness.  Worse:  swallowing, in the afternoon from 4-8.  Better: warm drinks and food.

Mercurius viv. (Quicksilver)
Ulcerated throat, tonsillitis.  Offensive breath with profuse saliva especially at night.  Swollen glands.  May have bitter metallic taste in mouth.  Sore, raw burning pains or splinter like pains that shoot into ear or neck on swallowing.
Worse: night, swallowing, heat or cold.  Better: moderate temperature.

Nitric Acid
Horrible pain, often stitching or “like a fish bone” in the throat. Dark red tonsils and pharynx with ulceration. Pain may extend to ears on swallowing. Worse: cold air, swallowing must lower head to swallow.

Throat is dark red, dry and rough. May have white or grey spots on sides of throat. Cannot swallow anything hot.
Very painful swollen glands. Pain shoots to both ears on swallowing and pain felt at base of tongue when sticking it out of mouth. Worse: hot drinks and hot food. Better: cold drinks