Aconite (Wolfsbane)
Early stages of colds, fevers, inflammations. Complaints come on suddenly. Possible causes: cold/ dry wind; fright / shock. Characterised by extreme restlessness and fear. May specifically have an unfounded fear of death. Dry. hot skin. Symptoms worse evening / around midnight. Thirsty for cold drinks. May say everything tastes bitter, except water. Better: fresh air. Worse: touch.

Allium Cepa
Common, feverish cold with streaming eyes and nose. Profuse, watery nasal discharge which burns upper lip. Red, running eyes with bland discharge. Headache, worse in warm room. Worse: evening and stuffy rooms. Better: open air and cold room.

Arsenicum album (White arsenic)
Catches cold easily: burning, watery nasal discharge alternating with dryness.  Frequent sneezing without relief.  Very chilly and shivery.  Nostrils become sore and red and nose feels blocked alternating with watery discharge.
Worse:  change of temperature, cold, damp and after midnight.  Better: heat and warm applications, hot drinks.

Profuse bland nasal discharge and red eyes with burning tears and frequent sneezing. Burning, sore throat and eyes sensitive to light.
Worse: light, in the evening. Better: during the day when up and about.


AGE 30c  (Arsenicum-iod/Gelsemium/Eupatorium) in combination – very useful for covering typical flu symptoms.

Eupatorium perfoliatum
Chill followed by heat and sweating. Intense aching of bones as if broken or bruised. Great thirst for cold drinks.
Worse: movement, cold, open air. Better: Resting, warmth, sweating.


Ferrum Phos
Tired and weary, not feeling quite right. First signs of a cold or flu. Red inflamed eyes. Chill with shivering and fever with flushed face. Hot, burning, gritty eyes. Worse: quick movements, cold air. Better: rest, cold applications.


Gelsemium (Yellow Jasmine)
No 1 remedy for flu. Dull, sluggish, with heavy looking eyes and dull headache usually at the back of the neck. Chills and shivering up and down the spine. Aching muscles in limbs and back. Burning throat. Colds and flu usually comes on gradually. Worse: cold, damp weather. Better: after urination.


Nux vomica (Poison nut)
Colds and flu with extreme chilliness; just cannot get warm. Nose blocked at night but runs during the day, or lots of sneezing alternating with blocked nose, sides can alternate. Sore or raw throat and teeth may ache. Thirsty and Irritable. Worse: early morning, eating, cold air. Better: heat, lying down, sleep..


Pulsatilla (Wind Flower)
Chilliness even in a warm room, nasal catarrh, bland and thick. Dry mouth with no thirst. Painful headache with changing, shifting symptoms. Worse in a warm room, after lying down. Better: in the open air.


Rhus toxicodendron (Poison Ivy)
Very restless with aching in all muscles and stiffness. Just cannot get comfortable. Heat alternating with chills; pain in the head and eyes with red face. Worse: night, first movement. Better: warmth


Kali Bich/Hydrastis/Pulsatilla – stubborn catarrh be it in the nasal passages , ears or chest.